Sale notification app for Envato Marketplaces.

SalesDonkey in the Status Bar

SalesDonkey sits in your status bar and regularly checks for new sales and comments on all your Envato Marketplace accounts using the Envato API. If you have any new sales a characteristic ka-ching sound is played and a Growl notification is displayed. For any new comments a Growl notification is displayed.

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SalesDonkey recent activity feature

Recent Activity

Recent Activity feature allows you to view recent events from all your accounts. Statements contain your balance change and item name. Comments contain an item name. Both contain relative timestamp, so you know approximately when it has occurred.

Multiple Account Support

Multiple accounts can be registered in SalesDonkey - this allows SalesDonkey to check all your accounts at once and notify you about events in all of them. It will also sum your account balances and show you your total balance.


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